Not all cells are executing

i have been submitting my project and running all cells. in my notebook, it would show that all cells were properly executed but once i look at the static page at jovian, a few cells at the bottom were not. i just run all cells a few moments ago and everything executed well. still the same at my jovian page though. what am i doing wrong?

Did you commit after running those cells or before?

yes. always commit before submitting.

Did you commit after running those cells or before?

Iā€™m asking if you have the commit inside last (or almost last) cell in the notebook (so the missing cells are before it).

Try uploading a new version manually, I also faced the same problem in another project and it helped me.If it still not works then download the notebook (in pynb format) and upload it to a new project , this should work.

i think this last one went through just now with all cells executed. thanks for the responses! have a good day.

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