Not sure why Question 8 is incompleted

Hello everyone,

I got a FAIL grade on my assignment 2 here: john-yan1019/python-random-forests-assignment - Jovian with a comment saying "Question 8 is incomplete. "

But I don’t understand why is that. All question marks under question 8 has been filled out.

Could anyone please give a hit?


Please could you post your notebook Question 8 after you have run all cells

Did you modify the hyperparameters and rerun the model fit as suggested in the question 8

Hey drbazpython, thanks for helping! No, I didn’t modify any hyperparameters. The question saying if you’re unhappy with the result, then modiy the parameters and try again. Do I have to? It looks optional to me. I already passed in my optimal hyperparameters from previous sessions and refit the model on Q7. Not sure how to modify the hyperparameters to make it better at this point. Any advice?

Not sure why Q8 was incomplete. May I suggest that you ask one of the assessors for more detail

Hey @john-yan1019,
I will check this and let you know.

Thank you for helping!

It’s probably because the cells aren’t executed.

Tip: Save the notebook once(Files tab → save or press Ctrl + s), and then execute jovian.commit().

I will give a PASS grade to this notebook as the code seems correct to me. But, I suggest you execute all cells, save the notebook, commit, and submit the committed version from next time.

I see. Thank you! I will rerun everything and commit one more time.

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You don’t need to submit again. You have got a PASS grade for this assignment. From next time, just check the notebook once before submitting.

OK, got it. Thanks for helping!

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