Notebook got corrupted

My course project got corrupted and its not opening.What to do?

Give us more details so that we can try to assist better

I’ll send the notebook link,

It says ‘‘This notebook seems to be corrupted’’

It happened to me too. I feel safe, because I made a backup of the last work, but does it mean that the notebook is completely lost now?

I checked the previous version and it didn’t appear with the message “This notebook seems to be corrupted”, but when I try to run it with Binder, it won’t open. It just says “error loading”.

It’s horrible, I could’ve lost the work I’ve been doing the whole week :frowning:

Hey Andre! Any idea on this issue? Thank you for your help

The binder error is a different issue. You can run it on Kaggle. See this

My course project got corrupted and it is not opening. What to do?
this is my notebook link

Don’t use the commit button in the menu tab,use only jovian.commit() while committing.

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@avsajith3571 you can access last version here:
You can archive/delete corrupted version.

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