Notebook not running on mybinder

It returns ‘error loading’ and I’m running out of time.
How can I get out of this?
especially since I only use Binder and not familiar with Kaggle or Colab


I’ve had a similar problem and lost parts of my work when I was almost done. Very annoyed at this…

Error loading!
See logs below for details.

Error loading!
See logs below for details.

There is a post explaining some of the backgrounds

hi there Chris, please keep us updated as our deadline is fast approaching :slight_smile:

Have similar issue and I had run my notebook about 16 times in the past

from morning I ran binder 18 times but shows error, keep maintain it

Hi all,
We are working with the Binder team to resolve the issue, please bear with us. In the meantime, we recommend using “Run on Kaggle” and “Run on Colab”, or run on your computer locally by following the instructions given in the “Run locally…” section of the notebook.


Can we get extension for submission because of this please?


I run on my computer and it perfectly runs but on the binder, it’s show error.

will you consider my project submission or not.

kaggle shows below error:

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement jovian (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for jovian


@chandran-bose Can you check if internet is enable in Kaggle kernel sidebar?

@topyo we have extended the deadline

google colab shows below error
ApiError: Colab commit failed: (HTTP 404) No file found for the provided File ID

Thank you so much for this course. It’s by far the best python course I’ve found online and I really needed this. You’re the best!

Hullo Colleagues. Incase some one is to work with data in future that is not csv, how can one convert the data into csv format in order to work with it in python. For example if it is excel data, does one only save it with an extension of .csv or there is some other way?

Hi @nashbryo, excel data can also be read from pandas using read_excel() method and pass in the .xls file location as an argument within strings or you can also save the .xls file as .cvs and import using read_csv() method. Pandas allow data in JSON (read_json() method) too.

Hope this answered your question.

Please try executing first cell given before continuing

Thank @rn021215. Yes answered fully.

Thank you… @nashbryo :slight_smile:

Which is the last date to submitted the project…?

My almost work was completed there. But when I am trying to run same notebook on kaggle it is not working there. Is there any other way like if I can download my saved notebook and I can do my finishing explanation on same notebook locally on my computer using anaconda. Please reply me anyone.