Package installation

Do i need to install the package anytime i want to use it?

Hey, if you are working on an online service binder/colab, popular packages like numpy, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, etc. are mostly pre-installed. You may have to install other packages like opendatasets/jovian every time you open a notebook on the service.
If you are working on your machine, ie. Offline Jupyter notebook, you have to make sure the package is installed on the current environment (More about environments & packages), if not just install it once and you won’t need to install again.

Thanks for the update. Please can i use any other IDE except the jupyter notebook? Or better still whats the advantage of jupyter notebook over others

You can use any other IDE like Pycharm, Spyder but you won’t get a Jupyter Notebook like interface, In Jupyter notebooks, you can run Python codes as well as structure them in the form of a notebook(using Markdown), so you can add explanations/documentation with your code, It is better than IDE’s with respect to expressing yourself. Moreover, Jupyter notebooks have the format .ipynb whereas python scripts have the format .py. I feel comfortable with Jupyter notebooks because here you can use one cell to practice/debug your code and use the next cell to completely implement it and executing here is easier than scripts(Personal Opinion).

Thanks for the explanation.

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