Please solve this

What does this question relate to? Where does it come from?
How much of this question have you already attempted?
What technologies, language or frameworks will you use?

I dont have any idea how to do this in C or Python. It came today in a Hackerank test.

What experience do you have in coding?

Basic level coding in C and Python 3

A side note: wouldn’t it be a bit better to start with easy tasks, and then move on to such tests?
I’ve been solving some of the tasks, and while they might look easy to me, I think they are nice introduction to Python.

You would probably need to create some sort of database-like structure for the task above, along with command parser (there are some ready solutions available, but not sure if they can be used in this task - shouldn’t be hard to do it on your own tho).

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Ok Thank you for your advice.