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Hello, my course project has been evaluated as PASS from more than 48 hours before.
When will I be able to access my certificate of accomplishment?

Hey, Congrats on completing the course,
Normally you should get your certificate within a couple of days but, certificates may take up to a week time to get generated.

Hi Team, I av been working on a web scraping project. I was following the video released by Akash on Youtube. Everything was working fine with the project. Two days ago, I tried to revisit the workbook but I discovered that some link from the website we are scraping has been changed. Espcially star_tags = topic_doc.find_all (‘a’, {‘class’: ‘Counter js-social-count’}). The star tags link on the web has been changed and i inserted the new link. The new link has refused to work. I want to know if I’m the only one facing this problem. Thank you all.