Problem with notebook name

when we run a jupyter notebook in colab it is by-default named as blank_starter.
But i changed the name of the notebook then i executed my code and saved it using jovian.commit()
but now i can’t see the notebook.
I can see the previous versions of the notebook where it was named as blank_starter
But for the latest version it is showing like this :point_down:

How can i see my notebook now ?

First of all try refreshing the link of your Jovian notebook or check internet connectivity. There might be problem with that and I have faced it too.

If it does not help…

Make sure to pass the argument project=project_name in jovian.commit(). Your project_name should be string and it should be same as it shows on top in your screenshot i.e. 'asl_dataset'.

I am not sure it will help but let me know what happens.

yes i did pass the same name as project name in jovian.commit()

Can you send link of your notebook?

EDIT: Mention not I have it already.


I think while renaming the colab notebook you are also removing the .ipynb extension.
So try renaming with it i.e. project_name.ipynb.

just fixed the issue.
I did the mistake while naming the notebook.
I named it as asl-dataset instead of asl-dataset.ipynb

Sorry about the trouble.
Thank you for your help though :grinning:

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yeah this exactly what happened