Project - Step-by-Step Solution to a Programming Problem

Hey everyone, here is my project submission. I did a LeetCode problem called Pairs of Songs. Pairs of Songs

This course was really helpful in providing all the most important concepts in DSA. I would like to thank Aakash and his team for such an excellent course that too at free of cost.

If anyone finds any error, please let me know about any feedback.

Hi Aakash team,

Thank you for an amazing course!
Here is my final project for the course, where I choose a leetcode problem to solve: find the longest palindromic substring.

Hi guys! This is my final project that I did

Hi, I am doing the Palindrome project on Leetcode, which says that a number is a palindrome if it reads the same forward and backward. I have attached the link below for the problem. When I try to run this code, the compiler says

TypeError: isPalindrome() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘self’

How should I fix this? Thank you very much for your consideration.

def isPalindrome(self, x):
:type x: int
:rtype: bool
for i in range(0,len(y)):
return False
return True

Post the screenshot of the whole Solution class.

This is what I put on LeetCode

Looks like you’ve used python2 instead of python3.
Nonetheless, the solution should run. Are you sure this is the error you’ve got when using run/submit?

Yes, this is the error that I have got. How should I fix this?

Did you add anything else?

I did not add anything else.

Honestly no idea what could’ve happened. I would try doing it with python3 since it’s better to learn it anyway. Perhaps starting from scratch will fix some invisible error.

I finished my project yesterday. Here is my project submission.

I did my project 3 days ago but its not evaluated yet.

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Hello Everyone,

I have just finished my project. Below is the link.


Is there a way to pass multiple optional outputs for a given test case ?

Hi everyone,

I finished my project and here is my link:

It was harder then I expected, but I enjoyed a lot.

Hopefully you will enjoy it also.

Kind regards,

I used bubble sort and merge sort,

I submitted my final notebook, but got told to
‘choose a different problem which involves at least one optimization step’.

I am stuck for what to do…

Hello @birajde,

Is there a way to pass multiple optional outputs for a single test case?

In the problem I have picked for my project, multiple outputs are accepted for a single test case and as per my knowledge the function evaluate_test_cases() can accept only one output for one test case due to which my one test case is failing for optimized algorithm.

Hello everyone, this is my submission for the project.

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Hi everyone,
I have completed my Project and below is the link to access it.

It is yet not evaluated, can anyone help me with evaluation?