Project - Visualizing Sorting Algorithms

Hi everyone. After watching the third lesson of the Python DSA course, I made a project to practice the algorithms @aakashns taught in the lecture. It is a program to visualize the sorting algorithms representing the arrays with rectangles of different sizes. These are some screenshots and a gif of the project:


This is the Github repository:

There is a .exe file and a python file with the source code. I would appreciate your feedback to suggest any improvement. Thanks everyone and have a great day!


Kinda reminds me the video we’ve used to share during college times.

My feedback: it would be good to separate the actual sorting algorithms into separate file/s. Would be good to make some base class for common things (like plotting the actual array) and then inherit from it for any of the algos, where only the actual sorting code is being implemented.



I appreciate your feedback, thank you.

Help guys,

  1. Apply the suitable or conjecture on algorithm design techniques in
    (a)big data analytics,and(b) compiler or interpreter designing and derive appropriate
    algorithms and running time.Hint:only apply the divide and conquer algorithm,brute force algorithm, and the greedy algorithm [50]

Ohh great I loved it