Python code help in assignments

Q (Optional): Use a for loop to display the type of each value stored against each key in dictonary person.

‘name’: ‘Darshan’,
‘age’: 25,
‘has_android_phone’: True

The key "Name" has the value "Darshan" of the type "<class 'str'>"

for every key and value in the dict.
How to code above in python??
I have following code:-

for key, value in person.items():
print(‘The key { } has the value { } of the type.’.format(person[“key”],person[“value”],type(‘value’)))

for key, value in dictionary.items()

the expected output should be as below

The key "Name" has the value "Darshan" of the type "<class 'str'>"

Can’t give more, this would mean that I did the task for you, which isn’t what learning is about.
There’s really short way from what I already gave to this output. print(), type() and f-strings are what you need.