Python Notebook gone Public

I am new to Jovian and my Notebook went public twice, even though I set it as private since I wanted it to be confidential.
Does the privacy automatically change to public whenever we commit? If so its so ridiculous.

If you commit with a keyword argument privacy set to "public", then yes, the privacy settings will change on such commit.

Also, depending on account settings, the privacy may be set automatically to “public” (if not specified).

hi @gloriyathomas, this is definitely not the intended behavior. By any chance, are you setting privacy argument to “public” while running jovian.commit?


Thank you for your response. I just click on commit every time. If the commit default setting is public, yes then it must be the reason, but it shouldn’t be, right?
I never selected any options for ’ commit with options’ rather i did the default commit. I was working on my course assignment and it gone public before i could submit it. To my shock I got the notification like 30 people have viewed your project !!

Hi Gloria Thomas,
You can set up your “Default Notebook Privacy” (Manage Account Preferences | Jovian)
Settings → General Settings: Default Notebook Privacy, “Private”