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I’m not able to install the jovian library, I’m using anaconda. Help me with this…

Hi @aakashns Thanks for setting this up. Great way to learn python! I have anaconda and python setup on my macbook. Quick question regarding installing (with reference to your first-steps-to-python notebook option#2) - The environment is zerotopandas and the notebook is intro-to-python, correct? You say zerotopandas notebook but your command lines talk about intro-to-python. So I was just checking. Also if you could add an intermediary step for activating zerotopandas environment, that will be helpful. The last question - you talk about a virtual environment. I only ran this: conda create --name zerotopandas. It is the same, isnt it?

So if I open up the Anaconda GUI and try to open a jupyter notebook, I see both 2.x and 3.x versions. But if I activate the brand new conda environment for zerotopandas and try running jupyter notebook, I only see 2.x. Any idea why this is happening or how to fix it?

Running pip in your environment should work

pip install jovian

“conda install jovian” doesn’t work because it is not yet available in conda sources
More information:

Anaconda has also dropped support for python 2.
Try to install the latest version.