Q6,Q7,Q8 problem..Its Shown Me Incorrect But I cant Find Any...Please Help

This already has been discussed.

what is the solution? Do you Get any Solution? I cant understand the forum.

Automated assignment evaluation is screwed up and sees problems when there are none. Just follow the link, there’s info that it will be resolved soon.

which link? Can you give me the link?
and there is none to help…?

Just read my first answer to this topic. The link is there.

These are the valid solutions
Q6: country_counts_df = countries_df.groupby(‘continent’)[[‘location’]].count()
Q7: continent_populations_df = countries_df.groupby(‘continent’)[[‘population’]].sum()
Q8: total_tests_missing = covid_data_df[covid_data_df.total_tests.isna()].location.count()