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Hello everyone,
I have submitted the final project on 17/Sep/2021 but still it is showing evaluation,i am wondering how long will it take to evaluate.?
Also wanna know how long will they take to issue certificate?
Submission ID - 57914

The evaluation process takes some time because of loads of submissions. The certificate will be issued to you immediately after evalusation.

Hey @himani007,
I did one submission 3 days ago for the Course Project on EDA, Zero to Pandas. but I haven’t received any grade for the submission and I saw that there were some posts on the forum which were stating that they haven’t got a Grade for their submission even after a month.
So what’s going on?

Hey Pathik, you submitted your project 4 days ago.
It shall be evaluated within 7-8 days of submission. The posts you saw on the forum are likely to be old.