Senior Data Scientist @ Tyson Foods, Inc

Role: Senior Data Scientist

Company: Tyson Foods, Inc

Location: Springdale, Arkansas

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

Bachelors (Masters is preferred) in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related fields
7+ years of experience in ML, DL or Computer Vision and a history of Cloud deployment
A proven track record of leading Data Science projects start to finish

IT, Cloud, and Deployment Skills

Strong software development skills with proficiency in Python or similar languages in a cloud environment (we are largely a GCP / Python shop)
Experience in scalable machine learning model deployment in edge and cloud-based containerized environment using Docker, Kubernetes or similar
Experience of working with CI/CD pipelines and version control frameworks such as Git
Experience in deploying models using REST APIs and JSON

Machine Learning and Data Science Knowledge

 Experience in Supervised, Unsupervised Machine learning techniques, Time series forecasting models and AutoML
Strong foundation in Probability, Statistics, Experiment Design
Experience with at least one of the following: Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques, Computer Vision/Deep Learning frameworks, or Industrial IoT