Senior Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer @ Glass Imaging

Role: Senior Machine Learning / Computer Vision Engineer

Company: Glass Imaging

Location: Los Altos, CA

Required Technical and Professional Expertise:

  • Strong Python skills + working knowledge of C/C++
  • Expertise with Deep Learning implementations for imaging (UNet, Pix2Pix, GANs, CNN architectures, Image Transformers etc) with PyTorch or Tensorflow
  • Model optimization & ML Ops experience - hyperparameter tuning, distributed training, building efficient data loaders & image preprocessing pipelines
  • Image processing, graphics & ML / Computer Vision algorithms, e.g.: Stereo Depth estimation, Guided/Bilateral filtering, feature matching, style transfer, iterative algorithms, BLAS; Libraries such as OpenCV; ISP (demosaic, denoise, HDR etc);
  • Computational photography methods. Inverse imaging: Super-resolution, deconvolution, inpainting. Knowledge of camera calibration, optics, lens design, color science, image quality
  • Passion for keeping up to date with the latest AI research
  • Excellent communication, analytical and problem solving skills, strong self motivation
  • 3+ years of relevant Industry experience / MSc or PhD in a related technical field