Server Launch error

Anyone facing this same issue at the time of this posting?!

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same here. Couldn’t load the binder. Please resolve this issue ASAP. Thank you

@erictang5566 @xdiad47

We are investigating the issue with Binder, please bear with us. In the meantime, we recommend using “Run on Kaggle” and “Run on Colab”, or run on your computer locally by following the instructions given in the “Run locally…” section of the notebook.

Started facing this issue …not able to load the file on Binder at all … Is Everybody facing the same issue or it’s only with me today ( 10th Oct 2020 ) ?

Working on Kaggle is little difficult though …not that user friendly …Pls suggest what to do ? Today is the submission … if i cant resume work now , wont be able to submit it by today …


I would highly recommend running it on your local computer. Easy few steps to follow just as written on the project notebook. Since the deadline is final I would suggest you try this method ASAP! All the very best in completing your project!