Share your work : August

Use this thread to share your work from this month

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • What would you like to share?
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

Read the getting started post to understand what you can share here:

Thanks @novikov-ms-in12 @thatbiochemistryguy @nawealvarez @oneworldcoder for sharing your work with the community last week!

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Hello everyone,

I am posting very useful notebooks on Kaggle that I learned from’s courses.

Please see my profile and checkout what I shared so far, also I will be glad if you can give me +1, I am aiming to become an notebook expert on Kaggle.

Here is my profile:

Best regards,


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Hello,I completed the first assignment from the ZeroToPandas curriculum,provide feedback,

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Hi All,

I am posting kind a fun notebook of mine which calculates your age, with min inputs.

Please have a check and let me know your thoughts on the same along with any further optimizations, also I will be glad if you can hit a like!

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I had been working on a project from the previous course, and had to stop in the middle. I am almost done now. Where can I post it???

You can post it on this August thread.

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Exercise - Data Analysis for Vacation Planning
The exercise from lesson 2 with user interaction,
since i am a begginer it was a good practice and i get myself a bit more comfortable with:


Hello I am Hrithik Pawar
I want to share my Face Recognition System project. I used OpenCV and face-recognition libraries. This is well documented and really interesting project that you can follow and learn to use OpenCV and face-recognition .

Link -