Share your work : July 6 - July 12

Use this thread to share your work from this week.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • Name of the Project(Could be the blog title)
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

Read the getting started post to understand what you can post:

I completed the classification of Fruits360 dataset on Kaggle using
Feedforward and Convolution Neural Network.

I even tried ResNet 9. Check it out !

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Hi there!

I finally finished my blogpost, and I am ready to share it with You guys!
I tried a slightly different approach, my aim wasn’t building the greatest classifier, but just playing with the deep learning technique.

I hope You’ll like it.

Best wishes,

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Hey everyone,
This is my Final Course Project : Face-Mask-Detection using PyTorch
Here’s the link to the github repository:
And the link to my blog:

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Dear all, I have used the ResNet9 in order to classify the Flowers with data augmentation like we did at the lecture. Please check my notebook and I am waiting for your feedbacks, thanks!


This is nice , Well I would suggest try applying resnet18 or resnet34 and apply model.freeze() and unfreeze function as in lectures to check if the accuracy improves or not …

I tried to classify garbage using PyTorch. It would be great if you have a look and give suggestions: