Share your work : June 15 - June 21

Use this thread to share your work from this week.

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  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

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Assignment 3 - Yet another corrected version of my work. I managed to finally get a good test accuracy of 54%.


Blog post:

Hello everyone,
Here’s my_assignment and my blog. Tried my best and got 50 % accuracy :slight_smile:

Hi there!
Achieved 57,95% accuracy on test dataset. The model has 3 hidden layers: 4000 -> 1000 -> 4000 nodes, activation functions: PReLU -> SELU -> PReLU.
Also in the blogpost tried models with different complexity in an endevour to predict annual income based on census data.

I am a bit late in completing the assignment as I was suffering from Typhoid.
@aakashns, Thank you for increasing the deadline of the assignment!

Here is my blog.

Also, I am embedding my notebook below.

Hello Jovian forum. I would like to share my final version of the assignment 3. This will be a blog post with the necessary corrections and the respective final chosen version of the notebook for the assignment:

Blog post:


Hello Friends…
Just WAIT WAIT…a little bit
Here is my notebook on The CIFAR10 dataset…
I have done it with a varied set of LEARNING RATES & HYPERPARAMETERS…
Achieved an ACCURACY of about 54%.
Do check it out, please…
Here’s the link :

And wait…
Here’s the Link to my blog post :slight_smile:

Check it out for sure.
Waiting for your responses…
Do let me know if there’s anything.

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I have submitted my 3rd Assignment today:

Pytorch link: — 56.52% test accuracy
Keras link: — 53.38% test accuracy

I have used same linear model.

Link to my blog is:

Please have a look at my blog and suggest for improvement in my code.


Just sorted the (admittedly god awful) blogpost.

Completed assignment

Completed extension

Hello everyone,

My notebook for the third assignment can be found here.

I’ve also written a blog post on hyper parameter tuning, which you may find interesting. You can find the post here.

Hi everyone
Here is my assignment and here is my medium blogpost.

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Hello all,

Here is my exploration on some of PyTorch’s tensor functions, along with my medium blog post PyTorch vs Numpy — exploring some syntactical and behavioural differences.

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Took me some time to get this up, but it’s here. My first blog post, do check it out and provide feedback :slight_smile: @aakashns