Share your work : June 29 - July 5

Use this thread to share your work from this week.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • Name of the Project(Could be the blog title)
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

Read the getting started post to understand what you can post:

Check my blog about my project on predicting the wine quality with the help of pytorch

Hello eveyone!
I completed my project which was architectural style classification,

2 days ago and I published the blog on same recently

I am open to suggestions!
Also claps are appreciated
Thanks in advance :smile:


Hello everyone, :smile:
Please find my course project from here Predicting employee attrition rate using Feed Forward Neural Network in PyTorch.

Here is my blog Deep Learning Project using PyTorch

Hi everyone,

here is my blog post:

I look forward hearing your feedback. :blush:


For my course project, i have made a american sign language classification model using deep neural networks, deep convolutional neural networks and resnet-9

Blog Link:

Notebook Link:

Feel free to suggest corrections and improvements. Thanks!

Hello Guys,

I have done my project on GANs.
Using GANs I have created my own artwork which consists of paintings and sketches.
The results are not bad and I am quite satisfied.

I have used pretty much the same code used in the lecture notebook. So if you have any suggestions for improving the architecture of the models please let me know I will try it out.

Check out the blog post and my notebook

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Hello All,

Have been reading a few projects, so many different thoughts and ideas. I attempted a basic Yoga Asana Classifier and also built a simple UI using StreamLit. Sharing my course project and blog post here, do have a look and share your comments -
Blog link: Asana Classifier
Github : Code for Asana Classifier
My first blog post, may feel all over the place, thanks for the patience!

Have a great time exploring and experimenting! :grinning:

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Hai Guys,

For my course project I built a sentiment classifier for a custom dataset using Google BERT.
Link to notebook : Notebook

Link to Medium Blogpost: Medium

I would appreciate if you could leave comments/suggestions🙂

Thank you

Hi all,

here is my final course project with GANs. I tried to generate Mortys from Rick and Morty!
Check out my blogpost and notebook:



Hi Everyone,

please check my blog and notebook on course project Facial Emotion Recognition.

Happy Learning…!

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Hi guys,
Finished the course project Intel Image classification.
Do check out the note book Here.
Also visit the medium blog for the above notebook.

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This is the first time I have done a project from scratch and wrote a blog. I never thought I would write a blog, thanks to the team for this amazing course. Any suggestions, feedback would really help me to improve myself.

I have finally made a blog post for my course project. Do check out and tell me how it is. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone! Have you ever been looking at an image and wondered - is this an elephant, a zebra, a rhino or a buffalo? I know I definitely have :joy: , so I built a CNN classifier for my course project. I attained 100% validation and 100% test set accuracy!! Here is the link, give it a look and like it if you enjoyed my work!

Hi All, I finally completed my blog post for my course project.

Happy to announce that my blog post has been featured in blog on Medium. Do check it out!

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Hello everyone,

So, for my final project I did a silly model to do something useful: to identify new tires and worn out tires so that one can use this model to check if the tires on his car are worn out and need replacement.

I tried to do a CNN model with not much success: course-project-worn-out-tires

And then I tried to use a ResNet32 model with a little better success: course-project-worn-out-tires-resnet

Still, to get a good and well-trained model I would need to collect and clean up a better dataset with pictures of tires and probably do some improvements in the model too.

In the end I wrote a blog post here:

Hope it will be useful to someone or inspire someone to do great and better things.

Hi, all. This is my notebook and blog post.

Hey guys, check out my blog and do let me know what you think and what I can improve. All positive and negative feedback welcome :slight_smile: