Share your work: October 2020

Use this thread to share your work for the month of October.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • What would you like to share?
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

Read the getting started post to understand what you can share here:

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An Exhaustive Data Analysis on a WhatsApp Group Chat

Have a look at a detailed Medium Article for this project!

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An update to my project for the course - Data Analysis with Python: zero to Pandas:

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I would like to share my project. Feel free to interact with code.



This is how I made a dataset for analysing google play-store app, I did not find a easy way to get huge number of app id’s to fetch data, did something in stupid way, you can see it here… lol :wink:

Dear Jovian community,

here my ultimate jovian collection(100) with tips, tutorials and portfolios projects.
All the notebooks are in python. You can also read my articles on medium :slight_smile:
My quora& medium blog DSMN (data-science-must-needed) :slight_smile:


Philippe Bouaziz, PhD, Data-Scientist

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Check my data analysis project on Air quality index and effect of lockdown on it


course project on world ranking of institutes

My course project work for data analysis: zero to pandas course.

@tusharnankani3 This is great. Looks like you used regular expression quite a bit. Do you know good resources to hone my regex skills?

For Regex (re)

This is the Work on Netflix_dataset

Hello everyone,
I wrote an article on medium regarding outliers in regression. Specifically I covered two methods, Huber Regression and Theil-Sen Estimator method. Do have a read and share your feedback!

Link to medium article

Here it is my Blog post about the final project I concluded for the course Data Analysis with Python: Zero to Pandas. I must say I was not really starting from zero with this course, but it was a good back to basics and a refresher for the new tools in Python libraries such as Pandas, Matplotlib and Seaborn. The project was about a nice dataset downloaded from the Kaggle platform from an Indian Solar Power Generation plant with photovoltaic cells measurements of yield, temperature, power and irradiation levels.

Solar Power Generation Exploratory Data Analysis with Pandas — a final project.

#JovianML #Python #pandas #dataanalysis #datascience

Hey everyone, here is my analysis on World Happiness Reports! please do check it out and all kinds of feedback is appreciated!

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