Share your work : September

Use this thread to share your work for the month of September.

The best way to structure your reply is to include:

  • What would you like to share?
  • Brief Summary
  • Link to your work
  • Learnings

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Thanks @erd3muysal @developower @supritgurav @papastratosfairas @hrithikpawar2000 for sharing your work with the community last month!

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Hi All,

Created a BMI Calculator as my small second work in python using function, do check it out and share your comments or suggestions to optimize it further or you can even try it out to check yours.

Link to access the same:

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Hey guys,
This is Manjunath here, I have done a few NumPy functions as it is a part of our zero to pandas course assignment
here is the link:
please go through it and give your feedback, and along with suggest to me your works too.

Thank you.
Best reagrds.

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Hlw Myself Harsh Sinha.
Here is my numpy assignment:=

Lot of numpy method i have learnt through docuementation.
Thank you Jovian and Akash sir

Hi, sharing the notebook of pandas assignment with the optional questions

Sneha Singh

Hi, :wave:t2:
I’m Zoghbi Abderraouf :raising_hand_man:t2:.I’m a Computer Science student, and Data Science enthusiast :blue_heart:. I am a beginner in the field of Data Science & ML and hopping to develop my skills and meet my goals .You can find me on Facebook , or check my codes on Github : , or see my latest articles on Meduim : .
Have a Good Day! :relaxed:

Completed assignment and submitted,but a feedback would be helpful

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Hi All,

This is my first assignment i submitted to jovian @aakashns
when i first started the assignment when i did the import jovian and committed it …i gave a different assignment name and then while i saved it before completing it i gave a different name… they didnt check the one which i gave … instead you checked the one which u saw first …either u had a bot which is not working or a ml thing to validate its not working…

This is disappointing to the core…i waited n checked everyday for the last three weeks hoping to see what i did wrong …this was least effort from your end .i

Just a game again…! :wink:

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Here are my 5 numpy array functions for Assignment 2:

I welcome any comments.

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Hi, sharing my notebook of pandas assignment:

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Some time when you saw an YouTube video you wish to download it. But, you need to download from other source, now what my idea is to download an YouTube video by using Python. This seems to be interesting to me also, check the code and try it by yourself. You can find my code here YouTube download

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Hello, this is my pandas assignment.

Hi everyone! I share to you my work for the Course Project. It is about all the space missions since 1957. I hope you like it!

Initially when you learning Machine Learning, it is great that when you get 99% accuracy. I feel that excitement. You can see my below.
Air Quality analysis
Any Ideas and Suggestions please contact me