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I am trying to publish my data analysis project: , on LinkedIn via public post, but it is failing to show link preview. Message: “Cannot display preview. You can post as is, or try another link.”

Tried with different browser, same result. This also happened when I am posting the link on Jovian discussion forum, preview of my link is not there, but others who have posted their projects, had preview in them. Can someone explain why is this so? Am I missing something?

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Hey @abhi-nav0506 nice project, I just wanted to know have you uploaded the notebook manually ? I was not able to find jovian.commit code in your notebook?

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Yes, actually I did the project on my local machine. I was using the jovian.commit code, but it wasn’t working. After sometime, in the tool bar, a jovian commit option/button was showing through which I uploaded the file. Attaching the ss :

Jovian commit is working now, i ckecked, but preview is still not available. Attaching ss :

Could someone help me on this? I have run the jovian.commit() code as well, but the preview is still not showing either here on the forum or on LinkedIn.

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Hey @abhi-nav0506 sorry for the late reply, after some web surfing I found out that LinkedIn does not scrape large files for preview and your file size is greater than 5Mb that is why your preview is not loading.


Ohhh…! : Good to know! :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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