Start or Join a Virtual Study Group

Find a Study Group in Your City/Timezone

Why should you join/create a study group?

Since there are thousands of members in this community, we may not get a chance to interact with each one of you personally or answer all of your questions. The best way to learn in an online course like this one is by forming a virtual study group with other participants from timezone/city. There are many benefits to forming a study group. This article summarizes them quite well:

Since most people are currently at home due to lockdowns, we request that all study groups be held virtually over video conference.

How to join a study group?

Go to the Study Groups page and look through the list of study groups, and try to find one in your city/timezone. Comment “I’m interested” on the topic, and you’ll start getting notifications when someone replies to the topic. The organizer will post details on how you can keep in touch with others in the group, and the weekly schedule for discussion & review over video calls.

If you cannot find a study group for your city/timezone, you should consider creating one.

How to create a study group?

You need 3 things to create a study group:

  1. A group of at least 5-10 people who will join the study group.
  2. A communication platform for members to chat with one another
  3. A video conferencing platform for conducting weekly discussions

To create a study group, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Study Groups page and create a new topic.
  2. Set the title to be an informative name for the group e.g. “New York (EST) Weekly Study Group” and add some description about how you plan to run the study group, which communication & video conferencing platform you plan to use, times at which you want to meet etc.
  3. Interested people will reply to your topic to join your study group. You can discuss

For communication, you can simply use the forum topic as a common chat thread, or you can set up a private chat group using Slack, Telegram, WhatsApp etc. (keep in mind, however, that asking for personal information like email or phone number may discourage others from joining your group)

For video conferencing, you can use a platform like Google Meet, Zoom, Skype etc.

Note: While participating in a study group, remember that you are interacting with strangers over the internet, so please be careful while sharing sensitive information like your personal email or phone numbers. If you face or come across any harassment/abuse, please report it to