Stuck in 'Exploring the Data'

Link to my notebook:

The file that I downloaded does not have the images organized as with the ‘CIFAR10’ datase.

‘stanford-cars’ dataset has simply 2 folders -
and a file: ‘cars_annos.mat’

After looking up how to explore this file, I could see the image labels, but how can I organize the dataset further?

thank you!

Hey @amir can you share the link to the dataset? It would have a README about the structure.
From your notebook, I can see that you have printed the classes of cars but not the mapping of which set of images belongs to which class, this is necessary. After this, you can

This will help in getting data from .mat files to pandas

Thank you for your help!

I really hope I can finish the course project on time

@amir have you solve your problem? can you please share you notebook if it is complete. i have the same problem with data processing. please help. thanks