Stuck with Test #15, Test #16, Test #17, Test #18, Test #19

Can anybody help to guess what are Test #15, Test #16, Test #17, Test #18, and Test #19 likely to be? So that I can handle them in my code. I am stuck here for 2 days. Any help will be highly appreciated.

In the case of an empty polynomial {}, you need to return {}.
Try this and see if it helps.

If it doesn’t then you can post a screenshot of your code or link your code for others to see if there’s an issue.

Thank You for your response, but I had already handled that. Kindly take a look at my below code and let me know if find anything missing or wrong. By the way, I was able to resolve test cases 16, 17, 18, and 19. Now it is failing for only Test case15.

def multiply_optimized(poly1, poly2):

if len(poly1) == 1 :
    return list(map(lambda a:a*poly1[0], poly2))
elif len(poly2)==1:
    return list(map(lambda a:a*poly2[0], poly1))

if poly1 == [] or poly2 == []:
    return []

if list(set(poly1)) == [0] or list(set(poly2)) == [0]:
    return [0] * (len(poly1+poly2)  - 1)

n = max(len(poly1),len(poly2))
A, B = split(poly1, poly2)
Y = multiply_optimized(add(A[0],A[1]), add(B[0],B[1]))
U = multiply_optimized(A[0],B[0])
Z = multiply_optimized(A[1],B[1])
product = add(U,add(increase_exponent(a,n/2),increase_exponent(Z,len(poly1) + len(poly2) - 1 - len(Z))))

return (product if len(product)>0 else [])