Study Groups for Data Analysis with Python

Join a study group that’s in your time zone to learn this course along with other participants from your region.

Want to start a new study Group?
If you can’t find a study group in your region and you have planned to start one, you can request for a new one here and we’ll get back to you:

Study Group Name Timezone Current Leaders Username Link to join the group Link to access the group
(IST)Bangalore, India-Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @athawale-pushpak
(BRT)Brazil-Study Group BRT(Brasilia Time) @brunodeabreu
(IST)Delhi, India Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @sachintripathi
(CET)Europe Study Group CET(Central European Time) @giavonigiovanni
(IST)Hyderabad, India Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time)
(KST)Korea Study Group KST(Korea Standard Time) @terasco
(GMT)Malaysia Study Group GMT(Greenwich Mean Time) @tanlitung
(CDT)Mexico City Study Group CDT(Central Time) @corsario-mexico
(IST)Mumbai,India-Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @SujitkumarSingh @tanmayc32
(IST)Nellore, India Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @pavankumar42sn
North America Study Group GMT-2(Greenwich Mean Time - 2) North America Study Group: About
(IST)Pune, India-Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @Pratikkk @kodgiresamiran
(GMT+2)South Africa-Study Group GMT+2(Greenwich Mean Time + 2) @haaikraai @nsomazr
(IST)Vizag, India Study Group IST(Indian Standard Time) @chamschamanthi36 @v-snehith999


Any study group for North America students? I’m from Toronto.


I have one for Latin America people. How is your spanish? :wink:
Other option is to create a new one.

@Nilexshinde: What about it? Can we create a North America group? I can help in that one too.

@kietphan112 Feel free to fill the form and I will get back to you

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I’m in the US on the East Coast so that would be great.

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I filled it. :smile:

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Hey @kietphan112
You can find the North America Group Here :

You can Join the group here:
Feel free to invite others too

Any group for West Africa or Ghana

Join our Nellore group Here : Nellore Group Invite’s you
Discuss your doubts and give your suggestions to others.


Hi Kwabena

Feel free to also join the South African Study Group GMT+2.

Initially it was intended for South Africa only, but let us all unite as a continent and tackle these tasks together.

After joining you can visit the our forum, post questions and ideas and Introduce yourself.

Hope you join us,

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Hello, I am from Nepal.Is there any study group I can join?

@snehakarki-1230 We don’t have a study group for Nepal yet.
If you are interested in starting one then please fill this form-
So we can create the group for people from Nepal.

Anyone interested to create a Latin America group? I don’t know how many we are non-Brazil or Mexico.

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Any study group for central time zone iam in Illinois

hello am from Kenya .is there any study group i can join

hi is there a study group for central timezone in USA