Time and date for live classes

What is the time and date for live classes for Data Analysis with Python?

There’s no live class for Zero to Pandas, The whole course can be accessed from zerotopandas.com :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you for your reply. When is the last date of submission of assignment and where should we submit our assignments?

There is no last date. Complete the course as per your schedule.

On course page, you will get lessons and assignments sections. Just open assignment section, there you will get make a submission heading and a box to submit your assignment notebook link. The link should be Jovian notebook link (i.e. after commiting your jupyter notebook to Jovian.)

I think every thing is explained in course video. :thinking: In case it’s not, you can ask it here anytime.

If you have any problem post it here on Jovian forum. You can also create your new topic to discuss a problem.

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Hey, the course is in self-paced mode, there are no live cohorts running at the current moment. You can complete the lectures/assignments at your own pace.

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