Training loss = 0, training accuracy =1, validation and test around 85%

I have created different CNNs for doing image classification.
The dataset is this:
There are 9 classes, and each class contains 1000 images of fish. I split in training (800 imgs per class), validation (100) and test (100).
I created different CNN with these layers:
1)1 convolutional layers (conv, relu, batchnorm) + 2 fully connected layers + output
2)2 convolutional layers (conv, relu, batchnorm and maxpooling) + 2 fully connected layers + output
3)4 convolutional layers (conv, relu, batchnorm and maxpooling) + 2 fully connected layers + output

These are the outputs of each model:

Epoch 1: TrL=0.6311, TrA=0.8006, VL=0.2925, VA=0.9077, TeL=0.4005, TeA=0.8708,
Epoch 2: TrL=0.0443, TrA=0.9939, VL=0.2072, VA=0.9235, TeL=0.3610, TeA=0.8896,
Epoch 3: TrL=0.0156, TrA=0.9993, VL=0.2128, VA=0.9161, TeL=0.3231, TeA=0.8896,
Epoch 4: TrL=0.0090, TrA=0.9996, VL=0.1883, VA=0.9287, TeL=0.2808, TeA=0.9000,
Epoch 5: TrL=0.0058, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1663, VA=0.9350, TeL=0.2689, TeA=0.8990,
Epoch 6: TrL=0.0044, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1628, VA=0.9339, TeL=0.2594, TeA=0.9073,
Epoch 7: TrL=0.0035, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1675, VA=0.9350, TeL=0.2662, TeA=0.9062,
Epoch 8: TrL=0.0028, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1608, VA=0.9350, TeL=0.2697, TeA=0.9031,
Epoch 9: TrL=0.0024, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1645, VA=0.9350, TeL=0.2688, TeA=0.9052,
Epoch 10: TrL=0.0021, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1556, VA=0.9339, TeL=0.2691, TeA=0.9073


Epoch 1: TrL=0.4261, TrA=0.8676, VL=0.2128, VA=0.9469, TeL=0.3264, TeA=0.8917,
Epoch 2: TrL=0.0193, TrA=0.9982, VL=0.1412, VA=0.9719, TeL=0.2580, TeA=0.9094,
Epoch 3: TrL=0.0060, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.1064, VA=0.9719, TeL=0.2463, TeA=0.9104,
Epoch 4: TrL=0.0037, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0811, VA=0.9802, TeL=0.2210, TeA=0.9177,
Epoch 5: TrL=0.0025, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0794, VA=0.9792, TeL=0.2098, TeA=0.9250,
Epoch 6: TrL=0.0020, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0768, VA=0.9792, TeL=0.2100, TeA=0.9260,
Epoch 7: TrL=0.0016, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0730, VA=0.9802, TeL=0.2025, TeA=0.9292,
Epoch 8: TrL=0.0014, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0720, VA=0.9792, TeL=0.2040, TeA=0.9292,
Epoch 9: TrL=0.0012, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0731, VA=0.9792, TeL=0.1927, TeA=0.9313,
Epoch 10: TrL=0.0011, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.0696, VA=0.9792, TeL=0.2019, TeA=0.9292


Epoch 1: TrL=0.7956, TrA=0.7686, VL=0.8161, VA=0.6991, TeL=0.9512, TeA=0.6719,
Epoch 2: TrL=0.0815, TrA=0.9894, VL=0.4978, VA=0.8254, TeL=0.6932, TeA=0.7417,
Epoch 3: TrL=0.0224, TrA=0.9996, VL=0.4205, VA=0.8494, TeL=0.6169, TeA=0.7854,
Epoch 4: TrL=0.0107, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.4251, VA=0.8463, TeL=0.6164, TeA=0.7760,
Epoch 5: TrL=0.0071, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.3946, VA=0.8536, TeL=0.5990, TeA=0.7865,
Epoch 6: TrL=0.0052, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.4075, VA=0.8515, TeL=0.5714, TeA=0.7906,
Epoch 7: TrL=0.0040, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.3773, VA=0.8609, TeL=0.5512, TeA=0.8010,
Epoch 8: TrL=0.0033, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.3643, VA=0.8661, TeL=0.5491, TeA=0.8052,
Epoch 9: TrL=0.0028, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.3768, VA=0.8598, TeL=0.5377, TeA=0.8042,
Epoch 10: TrL=0.0023, TrA=1.0000, VL=0.3760, VA=0.8640, TeL=0.5380, TeA=0.8031

As you can see, after 2-3 epochs, training accuracy goes to 100% and training loss goes to less than 1%. But in validation accuracy is around 90-95% and in test, accuracy is around 90%.
How can I interpret these results? My models are overfitting? Or they are good? For example, model 2) in the best case has TrA 1, VA 0.9802 and TeA 0.9292. I think that in this case It is not overfitting, because results are similar.

Last question: I have understood that among the epochs, I have to choose as best model, the one in which Validation accuracy is highest. Why this? Why I cannot take the epoch in which test accuracy is the highest?

I won’t say your model is not even a bit over fitted, rather I would say the overfitting is very less/ negligible and we can just think it as the model is not overfitting at all.
We choose validation accuracy because it is Kind of a constant value for a model, the validation data is a part of training data so once the model in checked in validation data the accuracy we get for the particular model, never changes. But test data is random real world data or data that is not a part of the train data set(though you are taking a part of the train data to test) but it can be anything else too, any other arbitrary data, so the accuracy might change every time we test our model on a new data, so we don’t consider the test data for measuring accuracy because it is not constant rather we consider validation data whose value is constant always for a particular model.

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Yes, I have understood the real difference between validation and test.
However, you said that my model is not overfitting at all. So, I can consider my net good, right? Because It has good results on test set, not only in training and validation.
Thank you.

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Yes according to me your model performance is good.