Unable to Commit the Work

My notebook which I commit is not getting saved , after the
" ```
from sklearn.linear_model import Ridge

Can someone guide me on this?

Not really clear what the issue is. Can you describe it properly, along with any relevant screenshot?

I completed my assignment and ran the command "jovian.submit(assignment=“zerotogbms-a1”)
When I check the Submission History, code is not getting saved completely. Only till step 2 is getting saved.

@admins can you please check my issue.

Do you see any error when you run jovian.submit?

I am not getting any error. But code is not getting saved. I have attached screenshot of both.

  1. After execution on binder
  2. Saving on Jovian

2nd image shows, code is not getting saved.

Hey, please save the notebook before committing it. Normally it’s autosaved but for some reason, your notebook is not saving automatically.

I did save and tried commit also. But same issue persists.

Do you see an error when you save the notebook on Binder (File → Save / Ctrl + S)?