Unable to create duplicate

The website doesn’t run in a mobile. You will require a desktop for this purpose.

When you access this notebook on Desktop, click on Duplicate if you want to view the notebook in read-only mode. But if you want to edit the notebook, you have to run it on either Binder, Kaggle or Colab(Binder is recommended as mentioned by Aakash).

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Does the kernel stops being connected in a jupyter notebook if left open for even a half an hour?Internet connection is also perfect from my side and I am running it on laptop.

It’s not an internet issue. Basically, what happens is, when you don’t do any activity on jupyter notebook for a certain period of time, the server to which the notebook is connected gets disconnected automatically.

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Its not an internet issue. Basically if you leave the jupyter notebook untouched for long time, the kernel dies, which results in the disconnection of the server.