Unable to execute project on any of the platforms

Hi. I am having issues with all the platforms and thus I am stuck and unable to continue with the course project.

  1. On Binder, the notebook isn’t recognizing any of the modules.
  2. On Colab, there are issues with connectivity; connecting to runtime returns as ‘Busy’. And whenever it connects, I am unable to commit to jovian.
  3. On Kaggle, the coomand ‘!pip install jovian --upgrade -q’ doesn’t run and as a result cannot import jovian. These problems have persisted for the past two days. I am stuck.

There’s one last option: local setup.

Although if there’s a problem on jovian side, then this will not help (regarding the second problem with being unable to commit to jovian).

Thank you! I am exploring that option now

What’s the issue you’re facing on Binder. Can you please share a screenshot?

On Kaggle, please make sure Internet access is turned on from the sidebar.

On Binder, I am unable to import any of the modules. But I am using local set up now and it is working fine.