Unable to save the colab notebook on Jovian

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Hi,I am facing error while using API key to save the colab notebook. I am receiving the following error

[jovian] Detected Colab notebook…
[jovian] Error: Colab File Id is not provided
[jovian] Please enter your API key ( from https://jovian.ai/ ):
API KEY: ··········
[jovian] Uploading colab notebook to Jovian…

KeyError Traceback (most recent call last)
in ()
1 # Capture and upload a snapshot
----> 2 jovian.commit(project=project_name, privacy=‘secret’, evironment=None)

/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/jovian/utils/commit.py in commit(message, files, outputs, environment, privacy, filename, project, new_project, git_commit, git_message, **kwargs)
133 res = perform_colab_commit(project, privacy)
–> 134 username = res[‘owner’][‘username’]
135 title = res[‘title’]

KeyError: ‘owner’

1st run the previous 2 codes & then go for 3rd

Hey @csnegi8 here you go How to commit or save to Jovian from Goolgle Colab? this answers all questions regarding jovian.commit from google colab.

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Click the file and save as or at the top left corner press save button