Unable to view the website

Although I am able to view the website from smartphone, I am having problems in view the website from pc (I have also tried from different web browsers in both pc and smartphone). Whenever I tried to go to the website I get the message “This site can’t be reached”.

Hey, welcome to the community.
Is it still not working? Your account is accessible from my pc.

First of all thank you for your quick reply.
I am still not able to view it on my pc from any browsers.

I am not sure what the issue is, this doesn’t seem to be an issue from our end. Can you please drop a mail about this issue at support@jovian.ai

I have checked in from another device, it’s working.The problem seem to be on my side.
Again thank you for the help.

Are you using Avast antivirus on your system?

Yes,I am.Does it creates any problems because every other sites are working just fine.

Got it. It’s happening because of Avast. We are trying to get in touch with Avast to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you’ll have to whitelist our domain.

Well I saw the problem on avast and I will try to whitelist the website. Thanks for help.