Update - Assignment 1 Notebook of the Python DSA course

Hey Everyone, There is a slight update/clarification in the comments/explanations of the Assignment 1 Notebook.
In the image given below the comment in the elif() section was updated from # answer lies in the right half to # answer lies in the left half and similarly in the else section the comment was changed from # answer lies in the left half to # answer lies in the right half.

Also you will be seeing the following change in the highlighted texts in the image given below.
Updated Text: If the middle element of the list is smaller than the last element of the range, then the answer lies to the left of it. Otherwise, the answer lies to the right.

I am writing this post just to inform about the changes as the comments can create confusions about the algorithm of the code. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience.
Note : The codes are still the same and there will be no problem in the evaluation if you have already submitted/working on the assignment. The assignment link is still the same given in the course detail page.


@birajde Thank you for pointing it out. Some are really getting confused here.

Thanks again.

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this code is not working it is not returning correct value

There might be some errors in your code implementation, Please try to fix it. If you still face a problem ask about the errors you are getting in the correct forum thread.