Uploading Images on notebook markdown cells

how to upload an image , i uploaded a image to notebook and used it .it was showing me, when im running in notebook but it was not showing in jovial profile notebook , how to get image links ? …
help me

Hello @vijayasimharockz, the image you uploaded probably is present on your local machine, but to show the image in jovian you have to use an image that is present on the internet and use the link of the image. One way would be to upload the image you want to show on any website like imgur.com or imgbb.com and use the link to the image you uploaded on this site.
There are many ways to show the image in a markdown cell.

  • You can directly use this command → ![image_name](image_url)
  • You can use an iframe directly in a markdown cell
  • You can also use HTML <img src="url_link" alt="img_name"> tag to upload an image in markdown cells.
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None of my pictures/files in the notebook load for some reason. They were in the commit and I see them in “Files” on the notebook page. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @ced-s-grey, Welcome to the forum, I redirected your question to the correct thread, hope now you have your answer!

Thanks, @birajde ! The files are in the submitted notebook, not just my local files:

Are you trying to tell me that committed images cant be referenced? I can certainly host them somewhere else and link them, but the issue with that is obvious: if the link goes down for any reason, we have the same issue.