US Stock Data - My notebook hanging

I started with the starter notebook for exploratory data analysis and chose “US Stock Market:

Once I download the data, the notebook hangs to do other operations. I was able to commit once but never able to reopen.
I also tried a new notebook but the same issue once the data is downloaded.
Not sure if its due to 8k+ files.

Any suggestions?

  1. Has anyone experienced same issue and how to work around it?
  2. Do i have to download files from kaggle to complete the assignment or I can just upload couple of historical return datasets myself?

Hi @iconsultinc, can you share the link to your Jovian notebook?

It seems that 8k+ files in causing the issue. By default files in the working directory are uploaded with jovian.commit.

Can you add and run this in one cell before you run jovian.commit:

from jovian.utils.credentials import write_cred

Thanks Siddhant. I will try once my notebook loads.

I created a new one with 2 files and its failing while launching on binder.

Binder log:
Launching Server…
Launching attempt 3 failed…
Failed to launch image …

There’s a limit on how many notebooks you can run in parallel on Binder and it takes some time for old notebook servers to shut down on their own.

You can shut down already running binder instances here: and try again.

I can my smaller notebook after shutting down my instances. Thanks a lot.

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