Visualize a graph on 3x3 matrix

I have a Weighted tree. I want to visualize this tree on a 3x3 matrix using GNN/GAN/GCN

please help

What do you mean by “visualize”?
What’s the max depth of such tree?

No no, I want to project the graph in such a way that the sum of the weight of the graph is equal to the given graph

Still can’t understand what you mean/want to achieve here.

The graph anyway looks like a tree. Can there be cycles, or will it always look like a weighted tree? How many nodes can the graph have?

Is this Δsum or a sum on the image? Also it seems like you’re adding four .1 (0.1) weights, which in my opinion would result in overall sum of .4 (0.4)

It seems like your graph starts with A in the center of the 3x3 matrix. It’s again important to know if it’s a real graph, that can have cycles, or a tree with only one root node.

Also, it feels like this :stuck_out_tongue: