Voucher Sport Portfolio2

Sport Vouchers Program Analysis

The goal of this Portfolio task is to explore data from the Federal Government Sport Vouchers program - this is a program that provides up to two $100 vouchers for kids to participate in organised sport. Here’s the [NSW Active Kids page, there are similar schemes in other states - this data is from South Australia.

This is an exercise in exploring data and communicating the insights you can gain from it. The source data comes from the data.gov.au website and provides details of all Sport Vouchers that have been redeemed since February in SA 2015 as part of the Sport Voucher program: Sports Vouchers Data. This download is provided for you as sportsvouchersclaimed.csv.

To augment this data you can also make use of ABS SEIFA data by LGA which shows a few measures of Socioeconomic Advantage and Disadvantage for every Local Government Area. This data is provided for you as ABS_SEIFA_LGA.csv. This could enable you to answer questions about whether the voucher program is used equally by parents in low, middle and high socioeconomic areas. You might be interested in this if you were concerned that this kind of program might just benifit parents who are already advantaged (they might already be paying for sport so this program wouldn’t be helping much).


  • Describe the distribution of vouchers by: LGA, Sport - which regions/sports stand out?
  • Are some sports more popular in different parts of the state?
  • Are any LGAs over/under represented in their use of vouchers?
  • Is there a relationship between any of the SEIFA measures and voucher use in an LGA?

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