VS Code interface for notebooks

Jovian currently provides the default jupyter interface for notebooks. In the backend, it runs binder.

Could jovian run VS Code server in the backend? And in the front end, we would get a VS Code Jupyter Notebook interface in our browser.

What I am trying to say is that there will be an option for 'Run on VS Code" and the notebook in VS Code will open up in the browser.

I personally find the VS Code interface for jupyter notebooks better than the jupyter server. Recently a new release of the VS Code jupter notebook interface makes it even great.

Key Advantages:

  • hover to see function/ class definition
  • autocompletion suggestions as you type
  • A “+”, “delete” and “run” button shows up when we hover over a cell
  • easy to use and more intuitive

Something like gitpod, but only for jupyter notebooks.

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