Web Scraping Project not saved

I worked on your web scraping project along with you yesterday on youtube but now the whole code is gone. The notebook is blank. I also made a copy of the same but that too is gone. Can something be done?

Hey @siddharthabadal-2015, Welcome to the community.
On which platform you wrote the code? Binder or Colab? Binder and Colab are free services so you have to make sure you are committing the code to jovian from time to time else the services get disconnected after 15-20 mins of inactivity. If you have done in Colab, probably an instance of the code is saved in Colab notebooks(You may get it if you log in with the same account where you did the code).

Ok. I was using Binder. didn’t commit. I thought it will have an instance like colab. it’s all gone then. thanks.

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