Where the data being downloaded from kaggle

I downloded the data from kaggle, then I tried to read it through pd.read_csv(‘filename’).
It is showing ‘fileneme’ not existing
But the download was success.
Shall I do something to upload it in jovian?
can I directly use the data after downloading?
giving the code below

dataset_url = ‘Latest Covid-19 India Statewise Data | Kaggle
data_dir = ‘./latest-covid19-india-statewise-data’
import opendatasets as od

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

covid_df=pd.read_csv(‘Latest Covid-19 India Status.csv’)

the error is ::FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘Latest Covid-19 India Status.csv’

Try to search for the file using the os library, os.listdir().

i searched the file using this library only. and I got ‘Latest Covid-19 India Status.csv’ file in it. But when I load using pandas it is showing the file does not exist… Please help

Where are you running this notebook? Also can you share the notebook?

Here i used the sample data set which has given by the jovian , to check if the problem is with the data set. But still it is showing the same error

please reply to this message

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Your Kaggle username
Your Kaggle Key
from where i get these values

Follow this…

Had same problem. Were you able to find any solution??