Why do we use detach() and torch.stack()?

Hi there! Just wanted to ask why do we use:

  • detach() in validation_step()
  • torch.stack() in validation_epoch_end()

Link to the cell: https://jovian.ai/aakashns/housing-linear-minimal/v/2#C9

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Both good questions.

  1. To calculate and set gradients automatically using loss.backward(), the final loss tensor holds a reference to the entire computation graph in memory i.e. all the weights, biases, inputs & targets. As we keep recording losses batch-by-batch, all these stale & unused variables will be kept in memory, and over time you may run out RAM. .detach simply drops the reference to the computation graph, and just returns the value of the tensor. Check the documentation for more.
  2. torch.stack coverts a list of tensors [torch.tensor([1,2]), torch.tensor([3,4]), torch.tensor([5,6])] into a single tensor torch.tensor([[1,2],[3,4],[5,6]). Check the docs for more details.