Why I cannot update Jovian notebook?

When I follow the notebook from the course to update the second notebook. I have got this problem.

[jovian] Detected Colab notebook…

[jovian] Error: Colab File Id is not provided. Make sure to execute the cell where the Id is set.

anyone knows why and a solution?

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Hit the same problem.
Menu (Toolbar at the top) -> Runtime -> Run all

That did the trick and was properly prompted for the API key.

In the notebook, I had edited a bunch of lines, went back and re-ran few of those cells. Its possible I missed running some cell, leading to this problem. (Just a guess)

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Yes. I discovered it later on. Yes. you are right. particularly you need to run the first cell. it has the notebook key.


Thanks for the help. I was having some headache since saving to jovian was not work. After running that first cell everthing worked fine.

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