Why is my model performing so badly?

I’ve been working on the following model - aflahkhan/cancer-benign-or-malignant - Jovian
I’m getting very bad results, I tweaked the learning rates as well as picked the Adam optimizer yet it does not work.
What’s going wrong?

That is what you have try, try to tune your model using different strategies, Suggestions

  1. Try to change(increase/decrease ) layers in your model.
  2. Try different learning rates.
  3. Check the correlation matrix for the data, maybe you don’t need all the columns as input data.
  4. You can try even more epochs.
  5. The last thing I would suggest is to check if your accuracy function is correct or not like from the predictions I can see that all outputs are correct, check how many numbers of correct/wrong outputs you are really getting in the first 100 or 200 predictions.