Working with VS Code and python notebooks

I wrote a small blog post about working with VS Code instead of the Conda package. If I forgot something any feedbacks are welcome.
How to use jupyter notebooks with vs code


Nice one, but I would make a change. Is not that you are “substituting” Conda or the packages you need. You still need IPython and Jupyter, and you still need Conda or Pip to install them. The only thing you are changing is using the Visual Studio Code interface instead of the Jupyter web one.

And by the way, I love Visual Studio Code.

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Thanks for the feedback. I updated the post.
I did not install Conda. I just installed python from and pip from the command line. I create the environment and select the interpreter in VSCode.
True, VSCode is fantastic. I tried Conda but it takes too much disk space for me

Maybe you are referring to the Anaconda Distribution?
Yes, it is HUGE, but it downloads everything you need (and might need, and maybe you won’t ever use but let’s be safe anyways).
But if you download Miniconda (with is basically just conda) it is comparable to a normal Python installation in size.
I would recommend Anaconda if you are new or don’t want to be bothered with downloading all the packages one by one, and have the Hard Disk space for it.
Miniconda for the rest.
“Normal” Python only when you are deploying code.